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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Love. What we have to give, we give away. Beads 4 Beats, born in 2010, aims to support children and families facing terminal and chronic illnesses. We began this journey by selling beads (bracelets) to raise money to support the lives (heartbeats) of our children.


The Power of Community

What we can't do alone, we can do together. We are children, and mothers, and fathers, and siblings. What wouldn’t we do for our loved ones? We want to submerge our community in encouragement and support as they fight for their little ones’ health.


The community has truly enabled us to do more than we've imagined. From Sophia to Liam, we've supported over ten children and families. We've sat with you in restaurants, sung our hearts out at our benefit concert, written letters to our sweet children, and we've run our heart rates all the way up at our annual EnduRUNce 5k. There is no feeling better than knowing that someone's got your back and that you're supported. That's how our community makes us feel and that's how we aspire to make our families feel. We are grateful that you eat with us at BJ's and Chipotle and at all the amazing restaurants we've hosted fundraisers at. We're overjoyed that you show up to our fundraisers throughout the community and that you donate throughout the year. We’re appreciative of every dollar you give that helps us to provide for our sweet kids. It is your support, your registration at our 5k event, your heart and desire to help that makes us feel covered. Because of you, we're able to have the backs of our families!