Our mission is simple; Love. What we have to give, we give away. Beads 4 Beats, founded in 2010, aims to support children and families facing terminal and chronic illnesses. We began this journey by selling bracelets (beads) to raise money to support the lives (heartbeats) of our children.

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We’ve supported over fifteen children and families in our community. Your support has allowed us to provide therapy, medication, procedures and so much more for our kids! Our focus is on supporting, loving and encouraging our families, both financially and emotionally.



The Power of Community

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What we can’t do alone, we can do together. We are all children or mothers, fathers, and or siblings. We would do anything for our loved ones. We want to fill our community with encouragement and support as they fight for their little one’s health, just as we would as if it were our very own child.