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We began this journey by selling bracelets (beads) to raise money to support the lives (heartbeats) of our children. Take a look at the impact

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1 (321) 663 5916


P.O Box 1088,
Gotha, FL 34734

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our benefitting partners?

Our benefitting partners are Advent Health Foundation and UCP Central Florida.

How can we support the children and families of Beads 4 Beats?

You can donate money to Beads 4 Beats, shop our store (coming soon), come out and show your support at various events throughout the year and pray for each child and their families.

What are some of the financial ways you support the Beads 4 Beats families?

Some of the ways (but not limited to) we financially support our families is by helping to provide procedures, physical therapy, transportation to and from the hospital and other needed support due to the child’s illness.

Selling beads to raise money to support the lives (heartbeats) of our children.
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